Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Written in Thread

There's something special, something permanent,

Something beautiful, something timeless,

About seeing your baby's name,

Written in thread!

These burp towels were gifts from Amanda's foster family in Texas. We received the first one on the day the family who had loved her, cared for her and called her by a different name, placed her in our arms for the first time. Adoption was such an uncertain experience for us and seeing the name we had chosen for this little girl was very memorable.

We were very sweetly surprised this week to receive a very large box from Amanda's foster grandma that included Talitha's burp towel and these wonderful hooded bath towels. They are thick and beautiful and the girls will love to be snuggled up in them after baths.

How did she know I really needed some color in my bathroom?

Thank you, Mary Sue!


Karen said...

How sweet!

e&e said...

That's so awesome. When the girls all have a bath at the same time, and you are up to it, they'll have to pose in those towels for a picture. You know, sometime in the next few years. ;)

Nancy said...

What a thoughtful gift! A photo of the girls in them would be so cute!

Rene said...

We love you from Texas!!!! You all have a special spot in our hearts!!!

Rene, Mary Sue, and Crew