Friday, March 12, 2010

Three Weeks with Technical Difficulties

Talitha is on a great schedule during the day. She eats well every three hours and sleeps great in her own bed in between feedings. But when the sun goes down, everything changes. I'm not sure why or what to do. Sometimes it seems to be tummy complaints. Sometimes she just wants to be held. Perhaps, it's just seems like she fusses more at night because I have only her to attend to. She might fuss when I lay her down during the day but she falls asleep by the time I am able to pick her up again because I'm busy attending to the other girls.

Sleep training is a really hard process. I'd rather be potty training. It's difficult to listen to the crying and to know when it's better to let her fuss or just pick her up. It's crazy to be going through the process again so soon but we know the rewards. Christiana has been sleeping great for months now. Things are different with Tali because I am nursing and can just bring her in bed with me and nurse her when she fusses during the night. However, in the long run, we are aiming for better quality sleep for both of us. If she's in bed with me, she wakes up every two hours.

Every day and week that passes I know we are getting closer to more sleep but that would mean she's growing up and no longer a newborn. It's too bad all the sweetness of newborns comes with so much sleeplessness.

We ventured out to home school co-op today. It went fine because there were plenty of people to hold the babies. Christiana was much better than expected. She's been a bit crabby lately but there were no signs of fussiness until it was time to go. Tony was a big help although I think he felt a little embarrassed pushing the stroller and walking in with Amanda. He'll get used to it. When he was helping carry the girls back into the house afterwards, he said that he couldn't wait until the girls were all walking. "And not slow walking like Amanda." It will come soon enough. Then I'll be saying, "Tony, go catch your sister!"
Blogger and my camera let me down today. The macro button got pushed so the photos from today and yesterday didn't allow close focusing so the camera focused on the blanket behind Tali instead of her face. And blogger won't post the second photo horizontally. I don't know why but it occasionally turns my photos for no good reason. I don't have time for technological glitches. I just need things to work! :) Maybe tomorrow.


Laura said...

That first picture is so precious, she is so adorable! The whole sleep thing can be hard...I always wanted my kids to sleep through the night early but then I was sad when they finally did because I missed that extra time with just me and them. Although not being sleep deprived it always nice. :)

Nancy said...

She is so sweet! I hope you get some rest soon, you must be exhausted! But you are right, the newborn stage is so precious.

Jamie said...

I'm praying for you! Last year at this time, we were struggling along with sleep deprivation ourselves, and Jada didn't settle in to a good routine until August. But, thank the Lord for seasons; they come and go so quickly!