Friday, March 5, 2010

Helping Daddy

This is the Keeroo adjustable high chair. I've been looking at these chairs for over a year. I orginally saw the Tripp Trapp which is about $100 more. So, far we're pretty happy with the chair.

I knew I wanted a good adjustable chair for when I started teaching Amanda because proper posture at the table is so important for writing comfortably. We used boat cushions and boxes on the floor for the boys. We bought this one and Mike is planning to make us a couple more.

We did take the straps off because then Amanda can get in and out by herself. We leave it at an angle to the table to she can scoot over to one side and eat at the table but then still get down without help.


e&e said...

Awesome! And you've waiting so long for that chair. I hope it works out well!

jodilee0123 said...

Where did you get that chair? I hate the booster seat we have so we don't use it. . . and Jada can't quite reach the table without kneeling. It does no good to strap her in. . . but I think a seat like that would be perfect!

Nicole Marie said...

Awe! Love it!