Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Amanda and Christiana's Sleep-over Party

Last night went pretty well! Amanda and Christiana went to bed around 8 pm. Talitha went to bed around 8:30 pm. Everybody slept until about 1 am and that is great! I don't mind getting up in the middle of the night if I'm able to go to bed by 9 or 10 pm. I woke up because I needed to pump and then I *may* have woken up Tali when I went in to check to make sure she was still breathing. Am I the only one who worries about that kind of thing when the baby sleeps longer than I do?

About 3:30 am, Mike woke me up with Amanda in his arms telling me that "pretty much everyone" was awake. Amanda woke up needing to go potty and when Mike went in to get her, Christiana woke up. Apparently, Tali had been squawking for a little while already. Since we hadn't discussed whether we were prepared to deal with the consequences of trying to get Amanda and Christiana back to sleep together under these circumstances, I just took Christiana out and put her back to sleep in the crib in our closet when I went to pick up Talitha.

Amanda and Christiana went right back to sleep and Talitha nursed and then went back to sleep in the bassinet in the living room. She slept until 7 am and the other girls got about at 8 am. All and all a good start to the process of having two little girls sleeping in the same room.

Just for reference, we have two bedrooms upstairs and two downstairs. The sleeping arrangements have been: Tyler and Tony each have a room downstairs, Amanda sleeps in a crib in her room, Christiana was in a crib in our closet and Talitha was in a bassinet in our room or the living room. There is a single bed in Amanda's room but is doesn't have a guard rail yet and Amanda is very content in her crib so that's why we set up the pack-n-play for Christiana.


jodilee0123 said...

I am constantly checking on all of my kids to make sure they are breathing. Jada is a loud breather, so I don't have to open her door or she would wake up. If I get more sleep, I too, usually wake up frantic checking on the baby! ;0)

We are working on sleeping arrangements too. Jada is just at an age where we can't have Jenay in her room and I'm sure her and Jakob will never sleep if they are in the same room. So, we may try the crib in Jakob's room when we get there. For now she's in the bassinet--wherever we put it--but usually in our room. I'm there with ya! :0)

Laura said...

I love the "pretty much everyone is awake" man you guys are busy over there! Glad it's going well though and you are getting sleep. Also, I have woken my babies up SO many times from making sure they were breathing. :)