Thursday, February 25, 2010

Weight Check- Week One

At one week, Talitha is 9 lbs. She has regained her birth weight plus 6 oz. That's great news.

The boys are also packing on the pounds. Tonight Tyler said, "Mom, should have babies more often!" He had just found another wonderful shrimp and noodle meal in the refridgerator.

I was also blessed by a box of organic produce. Mmmm! I just had a great salad. Three little girls are in bed and I'm heading there, too. Hopefully, I'll get an hour or two of sleep. That's all I need, right?


Muliebrity said...

You can sleep when your kids go to college! Enjoy all your babies!

chiromommy said...

Where do you buy organic boxes of produce? I would love to have a service like this but not sure of one here in St. Louis!