Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tenacious Women

I come from a line of quite tenatious women. Despite having this* happen on Thursday, my mom brought Grandma to visit me on Friday. She even took Amanda out skiing, sliding and for a walk around the neighborhood. Is it any wonder that I'm hoping to have this baby and hurry right home to get back to caring for my little girls? Although, a little vacation from this little one who does nothing but cry unless I'm holding her lately is sounding better every day.

*An unlicensed driver ran a red light and smashed his truck into her. Thankfully, it was a pretty low speed crash and he didn't hit her door or she would have been more seriously injured. She said the worst part was the nasty fumes from the air bags.


Anna said...

Glad she escaped unscathed.

ali said...

geesh- glad shes ok!!!! and OH DEAR, you poor thing. making up for all that time you didnt know you were pregnant huh? in NH, docs wont let us go more than a week late. (they push to induce sometimes, it seems)maybe tonight! we will keep checking in! arent you going to be fun and give us like 3 letters of the name you picked out and we all have to guess? winner gets a prize? come on girl, im counting on you!

ali said...

by the way, its a BOY :)