Monday, February 1, 2010

still waiting

nothing new here except two very sick little girls who just want to snuggle with mama. i am thankful today was not the day. i'd hate to leave them with a babysitter when they are feeling so yucky. i hope they feel better soon.

my cousin will be posting for me when i go to the hospital so if you don't hear from me it's because i'm doing something mundane like napping or wiping noses and not because i'm in labor.

have a great night!


Joni said...

Hope they are all better soon! And they don't share it with you!! Autumn is home sick today. Guess it is going around again/still!?@? Take care!!

Nancy said...

Praying for healthy girls, mama and baby!

Laura said...

I was wondering about you! Hope everyone feels better soon and labor goes well!

e&e said...

If it's the cousin I think you had in mind (but I'm not assuming), just make sure she remembers how to access your account.

Praying the sicknesses will lift and soon.

Anna said...

Looking forward to seeing baby pics!