Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seven Months

Big changes have come during Christiana's seventh month. Her spunky little personality has really begun show. She is no longer to content to stare and coo at Mama. When she finishes her bottle, she eagerly looks around for Amanda and toys to play with. She actively grabs, shakes, bangs and tries to eat everything within reach.
Her skin problems are almost completely gone. She still has some patches on her scalp but I no longer have to bathe her everyday. Which is good, since she outgrew the sink and the only way I can give her a bath now is to be in the tub and have Mike bring her to me and take her out when she's done. Despite continuing to be super-swaddled in her crib, she still has found a way to flip over and maneuver around. She might be more mobile on the floor but she doesn't get a whole lot of floor time since it's difficult for me to put her down and pick her up from the floor. I'm not worried. She will make up for lost time soon enough!
Since recovering from her illness she has been doing really well keeping her bottles down. We have had very little spitting up. My neighbor has been sending over extra breast milk, too, so that helps with her tummy issues. I can't wait until she is completely on breast milk and we don't have to give her any more formula.

She still doesn't have any teeth but she is pretty happy to slurp things off a spoon. We discovered this during her illness when we would give her medicine for her fever and probiotics for the thrush that developed in her mouth. I'm still not ready to start solids because we have enough going on in our house! :) She can wait.

I had been nursing her once every other day until about December when pain and contractions and a big belly made things really difficult. I had hoped she would be willing to latch on again. I tried the other day and she didn't want to have anything to do with it. I might try again as my milk supply comes in and there's a faster flow, but pumping and giving her a bottle may just be more efficient. When I first learned about Milk Share, I promised myself, "If I'm ever able to get pregnant, I'm definitely donating breast milk for an adopted baby." I never imagined it would be my own.

I have been using a thirteen-year-old breast pump that sound likes it's on its last legs and I'm always afraid it's going to die. My neighbor also told me the new ones have improved dramatically. She was using an older pump when she was pumping for Amanda. So, when Mike's year-end bonus came I ordered one off Amazon. Mike and the boys also order themselves a new PS3. Tyler seems to think it's due to arrive today but according to the emails, I think the breast pump with arrive first. Boy, aren't they going to be disappointed to see the Amazon box and find a breast pump inside!

(The red checked blanket in the background of the first pictures was a gift to Amanda from her foster grandma. The embroidered burp cloth was a gift to Christiana from Amanda's foster grandma. Adoption has brought such wonderful people into our lives.)


Nena said...

Sorry, you seem to be so tired out and yet so much to do. I had to pass this on, at 3 I still seldom bathe Sofie in the big tub--too much water and takes to long--plus I hate all the bending. I still bathe her sitting up in the sink at times. But as a cheater :), I will also use a big rubbermaid tub with water--sometimes in the big tub and sometimes on the floor or counter--whatever I am in the mood for--in the big tub is easier for filling and emptying. Just thought that might help ease your bathing times :)

Joy Estelle said...

I love these sassy little pictures! She looks like she's already got a lot to say.

The boys getting a gaming system while you get a new pump is hilarious.

The Earnshaw's said...

You will love your new pump. There are so expensive but so worth it. I had an older one and bought a brand new one with Avry and it was such a huge difference.