Friday, February 26, 2010

I Did It!

As I lay in my lay in my hospital suite last Wednesday with the bright afternoon sun shining on us through the privacy screen, I was doing a little of this:
And inspecting all of my new baby's little parts like this:
And this:
This is the little voice I kept hearing in my head:
I was so proud of myself for suriving the last nine months and naturally delivering this wonderful little baby.
I also keep hear the voice of Special Agent Oso's Paw Pilot singing the special assignment success song. For those of you who are familiar with the tune, this was my check list:
Step One: Get to the hospital!
Step Two: Get into active labor!
Step Three: Deliver a this baby!
Such was the level of my brain activity after a long morning and part of an afternoon of hard work.


:)De said...

Katie and Mike,

Congrats! I am just catching up on reading your blog and I am happy you are home. I love the picture of your "basket of girls"! So very cute.


Jamie said...

Praise the Lord for the new gift of Talitha! Whenever I am tempted to feel overwhelmed with caring for two under four, I remember you with three under four plus two more. We have those same books by Debby Anderson, and we have sung them together many times! A friend we met through our adoption agency gave us the first one when we adopted Jesse, and I soon thereafter bought the other two. We love them! Praying for you!