Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day Four

Nausea medication for eight months: $100

Professional grade breast pump: $260

Being able to provide a full supply of fresh breast milk for my adopted daughter: Priceless


Kristi said...

woo hoo!! i bet both babies are loving having your milk!! what an exciting feeling!! :)

Lynnette said...

Such a simple post, but it made me smile so big! I hope nursing both of your babies goes wonderfully for you!

e&e said...


God sure used those many years of longing for more children to refine you to be the incredible mama you are today. And I have a feeling He's not done. After all, three little girls under three, not to mention the two teenage boys, will definitely lend itself to some sanctifying moments, but wonderfully so.


I'm praising God today for all He's given you that enables you to nurse your "twins".


Lysana said...

This is all awesome! Your birth story was amazing - almost makes me want to wait until I go into labor on my own, although I imagine I'll feel differently when 39 weeks rolls around. :)

But I have a question about tandem nursing...maybe you don't know this, but if you do - I know that the composition of your milk changes as your baby gets older. So, what kind of milk do you produce when you're nursing an older one and a younger one?

Anyway, lots of great wishes for you and your family. :)

Lynnette said...

Lysana, I would love to see a scientifically researched answer for your question, but I didn't find one in my quick search online. As a supporter of tandem nursing (I was still nursing our 1st and 2nd when I found out I was pregnant with our 3rd), I have read that your body produces milk for the newborn. When nursing (before pregnant), you produce milk for the child you're nursing. When pregnant, you start producing colostrum in preparation for the new baby. Due to hormone levels (and God's magnificent design!), you will then be producing milk for the newborn after birth. You will produce enough milk for both children due to supply/demand. However, your body doesn't really know if it's nursing 2 different aged children or just one really hungry newborn. At least this is my understanding of all of it. I'd love to see answers from other people!

Mike and Katie said...

I loved your answer, Lynnette, about the really hungry newborn. It made me laugh. Yes, my body doesn't know that extra milk I'm pumping is going into a bottle to feed a seven month old and being mixed into oats for my two and a half year old. It contains the nutrition that the newborn needs and provides super nutrition for the other two.

Nicole Marie said...

Great job, you are AMAZING!

chiromommy said...

That is such a beautiful gift! Kaden is allergic to cow milk. He will be almost 2 when the baby is born. I am contemplating pumping extra for him if he will take it? My supply dried up after my first cycle when he was 14 months old. I got pregnant 2 weeks later. We then found out he was allergic to cow milk. He can do dairy in very small quantities but not milk itself. Even small quantities of dairy upset him though. We are now using Goat milk which he loves. When he sees me get the purple container out of the fridge he jumps up and down says "yay"! It's too precious!