Friday, January 1, 2010

Watercolor Cousins

My mom and grandma came to visit us yesterday. They brought a couple of cousins for the kids to play with too. Amanda has been asking for Elizabeth to come visit whenever she would see pictures from her visit with Sr. Maria. Sr. Maria sent us a card with a picture of Mother Teresa on it. When Amanda saw it, she said, "Blizbeth." Apparently, then nun dressed like Sr. Maria reminded Amanda of the last time Elizabeth had come to visit.

Elizabeth had been given watercolor paints for her birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to pull out our set of water colors. This was the first time Amanda had painted. She was so serious and careful and but very delighted with the activity. I have such fond memories of painting with my cousins and my grandma's house, too.

Elizabeth is hoping we have another girl. My sister's son, who also came to play, is hoping we have another boy so that the boys will continue to dominate. So far, there are nine boys and six girls.

Grammy's doing great! She was able to climb up and down the stairs with help. When she was here at Thanksgiving, Mike needed to help my mom carry her up and down the stairs in her wheelchair. She's quite a tenacious woman!

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