Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random News at 6 months and 36 weeks.

Christiana is 13 lb 5 oz and 25 inches long. She's just a little peanut. I'm hoping she'll fatten up on my milk like my boys did.

Christiana's rash is looking so much better.

When my doctor looked at my chart on Friday she said, "What is going on with your blood pressure?! Oh, that's your weight. No problem."

The baby is head down.

I picked up newborn diapers at the store yesterday as well as other postpartum supplies.

I had been looking forward to Labor Day; to having a natural, intervention-free labor on my own terms. However, yesterday I realized that there's no way around this, it's going to hurt.

I have a new appreciation for our daughters' birth moms. They made such a sacrifice to give our girls life.

I still need to pack a hospital bag and make plans for who will be caring for our kids. My biggest concern is Christiana. She is such a mama's girl but is easy to care for if you know the routine. Our doctor said we could bring her with us to the hospital which I've considered but she is just so much better if she sleeps well at home.

We still don't have any baby boy clothes or blankets. If I don't get to my cousin's to pick out some things, she is threatening to send all eight bins of her son's clothes.

I'm really tired of being nauseous all the time but I'm really not ready to give birth yet.

I haven't taken any six month pictures for Christiana. I better get on that.

I've been getting goofy anonymous comments on my blog. Some are about Russian brides, some are about financial investments, but the funniest one came last week. It said something like, "Your blog just keeps getting better and better. Your older articles aren't as well-written as your newer ones, but you're showing real talent." What a joke! I have a hard time believing my occasional pregnancy brain postings are some how better than when I could actually form cohesive thoughts! Oh well, it made me laugh.


Kristi said...

Exciting!! When is the baby due?

Laura said...

She IS a tiny little peanut! You;re getting so close, I am excited to see brand new baby pictures! :)

I got the same comment on my blog, must be spam. :)

Nicole Marie said...

WOW, you are so close! So glad that Christina's rash is getting better. Can't wait to meet that new baby. I need to send you an email about adoption stuff.

jodilee0123 said...

Boy did the time ever fly! It seems like just yesterday that Christiana came home. Did I miss a post? Are you having a boy? We have been crazy with sickness here and a very busy Jada! I don't think I missed a post. . . Anyway~ I'll be waiting for the news! Yeah!

Mike and Katie said...

We still don't know what we are having, but we already have all the girl supplies. I was worried because we had no boy things. My neighbor sent some over today so I feel better. It is one less thing to worry about.