Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Big Brothers are the Best!

Often I send Amanda outside with Tony in the afternoons for a little play time. He came up with the idea of making an obstacle course the other day when he was out there. This afternoon, he spent a good three hours shoveling and icing a course. He had his bike out and was intending to try it out with that.

About the time he was ready to come in, I finally had dressed Amanda and sent her out. He happily went back out and ran her around the course for another 1/2 hour. She had a great time and fussed more when she dropped her little ice chunk than when he tipped her over in the snow bank. It was between 7-5 degrees out there. Big brothers' are awesome!


Lynnette said...

How fun! Looks like she has some pretty great siblings!

momto9 said...

I have one son in particular that does these kinds of things for the little ones and it warms my heart. He just watched you little video clip here with me and i thanked him for being a good big brother:)