Wednesday, January 27, 2010

38 Weeks and Counting

The eviction notice has been served! Time to come out, Baby! I am ready to be done being pregnant but not so ready to go through labor. Is there any way around that?

Where's Amanda?

Where did Amanda go?

There she is!

Big Brothers are the Best!

Often I send Amanda outside with Tony in the afternoons for a little play time. He came up with the idea of making an obstacle course the other day when he was out there. This afternoon, he spent a good three hours shoveling and icing a course. He had his bike out and was intending to try it out with that.

About the time he was ready to come in, I finally had dressed Amanda and sent her out. He happily went back out and ran her around the course for another 1/2 hour. She had a great time and fussed more when she dropped her little ice chunk than when he tipped her over in the snow bank. It was between 7-5 degrees out there. Big brothers' are awesome!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Congratulations are in Order!

My neighbor had her little baby on Monday and guess what? It is a girl!!! Yeah! They already have three boys so this is a very welcome addition. Actually, little is relative. She was 10 lbs and had a 15 inch head. Yikes! Mom and baby are doing well. I can't wait to meet her!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Christiana at Six Months

On skis!

Since I was feeling so good last week, I decided to brave a solo trip with the girls to go see my mom and grandma. My aunt and uncle were also coming up to visit and bringing my cousin's little girl who is four months older than Amanda.
After lunch, part of the crew headed off to go skiing. This is my mom and her brother. My aunt was taking the pictures. Shianna has been on skis before but this was Amanda's first time.
The little girls were so cute together. Amanda wanted to keep holding Shianna's hand.
My mom said Amanda did great! Apparently, she wanted to jump while wearing her skis. The girl likes to jump. She would fall down, laugh and get right back up again.
Amanda is smiling in the picture while Grandma is doing all the work!

The kids spent a long time playing outside at my mom's too. It was such a beautiful day! It was around 30 degrees or so.
My aunt said that my mom needed some more snow toys. The girls had to dig in the snow with spoons. They don't seem to mind.
I didn't get a chance to meet with my other cousin to get some little boy clothes, but I was sent home with three bags of Shianna's clothes. We are so thankful for hand-me-downs. Two of my neighbors are expecting babies, too, so I will have plenty of girl clothes to share if one of them has a girl.
There were/are four of us in the neighborhood who were/are pregnant. One mom already had her little boy in October. One mom is due this week. She already has three little boys. I'm due in two weeks and the last mom is due in April. She also has three little boys. What are the chances we will all end up with little boys?
Thankfully, another neighbor brought me a bag a of little boy clothes and blankets, so I will have something other than pink if this baby is a boy. That's one less thing to worry about. Christiana also did really great. My aunt held her most of the time she was awake and gave her a bottle, too. She was pretty content. She didn't sleep very well at my mom's, but slept most of the way home. Amanda slept most of the way home, too, so the trip went pretty well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

That's weird.

Since Thankgiving, I have been having lots of pelvic pain and contractions whenever I am up on my feet or too active. I would also get contractions and pain while lying on my side but laying on my back made me nauseous. I did my best to just take it easy and relax as much as possible.

Then I read a forum discussion about taking Evening Primrose oil to prepare for child birth. It was also recommended as a massage oil by a midwife I spoke to. The discussion advised to be sure to wait until 36 weeks before you begin taking the primrose oil because it is meant to get you ready for labor.

So, at about 36 weeks, I began taking it and using it as a massage oil. Right about the same time, my contractions and pelvic pain calmed down significantly. I'm also less nauseous and can lay on my sides again. So, interestingly enough, my last month of pregnancy might be my most comfortable. How odd. I am thankful. I am experiencing swelling and tingling in my hands and feet bit that's better if I stay out of the potato chips.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Pictures me!

Today Amanda finally decided she wanted me to take pictures of her. She has been a less-than-willing subject since around the time of her second birthday. Unfortunately, I was trying to capture Christiana's six month photos. That didn't get done, but this is was worth it!

Green and Crunchy

I'm so glad that eight months of exposure to all sorts of processed "man food" has not altered Amanda's love for all things green and crunchy! She was so thrilled to see broccoli in our house again. Last summer, she would chew on raw broccoli, celery and carrots but would end up spitting them out because she couldn't chew them enough to swallow them. Now she eats them completely. Yeah! I'm thrilled she likes raw broccoli because I can't stand it.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The good news is that Christiana loves her mama. She loves to snuggle, giggle, coo and stare at her mama every waking moment of her day.

The bad news is that every one else freaks her out. I mean, she smiles at Amanda, Daddy and the boys as long as Mama is nearby. But if she wakes up and Mama's not around, she is a little worried.

This could be a problem.

Here's hoping for a speedy delivery, recovery and trip back home between the hours of 8 pm and 7 am.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Random News at 6 months and 36 weeks.

Christiana is 13 lb 5 oz and 25 inches long. She's just a little peanut. I'm hoping she'll fatten up on my milk like my boys did.

Christiana's rash is looking so much better.

When my doctor looked at my chart on Friday she said, "What is going on with your blood pressure?! Oh, that's your weight. No problem."

The baby is head down.

I picked up newborn diapers at the store yesterday as well as other postpartum supplies.

I had been looking forward to Labor Day; to having a natural, intervention-free labor on my own terms. However, yesterday I realized that there's no way around this, it's going to hurt.

I have a new appreciation for our daughters' birth moms. They made such a sacrifice to give our girls life.

I still need to pack a hospital bag and make plans for who will be caring for our kids. My biggest concern is Christiana. She is such a mama's girl but is easy to care for if you know the routine. Our doctor said we could bring her with us to the hospital which I've considered but she is just so much better if she sleeps well at home.

We still don't have any baby boy clothes or blankets. If I don't get to my cousin's to pick out some things, she is threatening to send all eight bins of her son's clothes.

I'm really tired of being nauseous all the time but I'm really not ready to give birth yet.

I haven't taken any six month pictures for Christiana. I better get on that.

I've been getting goofy anonymous comments on my blog. Some are about Russian brides, some are about financial investments, but the funniest one came last week. It said something like, "Your blog just keeps getting better and better. Your older articles aren't as well-written as your newer ones, but you're showing real talent." What a joke! I have a hard time believing my occasional pregnancy brain postings are some how better than when I could actually form cohesive thoughts! Oh well, it made me laugh.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Watercolor Cousins

My mom and grandma came to visit us yesterday. They brought a couple of cousins for the kids to play with too. Amanda has been asking for Elizabeth to come visit whenever she would see pictures from her visit with Sr. Maria. Sr. Maria sent us a card with a picture of Mother Teresa on it. When Amanda saw it, she said, "Blizbeth." Apparently, then nun dressed like Sr. Maria reminded Amanda of the last time Elizabeth had come to visit.

Elizabeth had been given watercolor paints for her birthday and it was the perfect opportunity to pull out our set of water colors. This was the first time Amanda had painted. She was so serious and careful and but very delighted with the activity. I have such fond memories of painting with my cousins and my grandma's house, too.

Elizabeth is hoping we have another girl. My sister's son, who also came to play, is hoping we have another boy so that the boys will continue to dominate. So far, there are nine boys and six girls.

Grammy's doing great! She was able to climb up and down the stairs with help. When she was here at Thanksgiving, Mike needed to help my mom carry her up and down the stairs in her wheelchair. She's quite a tenacious woman!