Thursday, December 10, 2009

More ABC Practice

We got this fun ABC puzzle from our neighbor. Beneath each letter is a picture that starts with that letter. It was fun to watch Mike and Amanda play with it one evening. She would pick up a letter and he would say the letter and tell her the picture. She would then find the picture. I was impressed. Now, she knows the names of most of the letters, the picture that goes with each letter and where it goes on the puzzle. Although, when she wants us to do the puzzle with her she will hold up a puzzle piece and holler, "Mama!" until I say the letter name and picture.

As much as I enjoy teaching Geometry, Grammar and World History, I really enjoy teaching preschool! I get more time to teach preschool these days since Mike has taken over all of the other schoolwork correcting and teaching in preparation for February.

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e&e said...

Here, here for preschool!!!

For Mari's school time the other day, we took out Play-doh and had a ball. Love it!