Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas on Hold

It's true. I have my hands full which is why I have only a few random photos from my dad's service on Wednesday. We tried to caputure a family photo but both girls had burst into tears by the time we got all together, so it was put off again.

It was a beautiful and intimate service for my dad. It was mostly just our northen Minnesota family and we enjoyed our time together. It was really nice to have so much space to gather together as a family. Usually, we all meet at my mom's house but with thirteen kids and fourteen adults, it was nice to have a little room to spread out. The boys had space to run around and the girls had space twirl their pretty dresses.

I hope everyone got in their snuggles with Christiana. She was pretty fussy when we first arrived and cried when anyone tried to hold her, but after the service and a nap in the pouch, she was passed around and loved on.
Tyler really has some skill on the piano but he is shy and wouldn't play during the service. He did entertain us in the social hall afterward though.

I knew this Christmas would be a little different because I hadn't plan to travel for the family celebrations at all, but obviously traveling for my dad's service was pretty important. We did head home right after the service so we didn't have to deal with the stress of staying overnight. Then the snow began to fall and fall and fall. Mike was planning to take the kids up to his mom and dad's for their Christmas celebration but all the celebrating has been put on hold.

It has left a strange void for us on Christmas Day. We haven't bought gift for each other our or kids for several years because the grandparents have always provided plenty of presents. So, here we are on Christmas Day, completely unprepared to celebrate in any way. It feels weird. But at the same way, comforting because things are different this year.

Usually my siblings and I gather to open the gifts from my dad. Providing them with gifts was always very important to him. Some years he bought what we suggested and some years he bought things that he thought were really fun like a remote control skateboarding dude. This year, there were no gifts from Grandpa Ken. There will be, for in his passing, he made special provisions for us but today there were no presents to open and nothing tangible to hold in ur hands.

Last year, was the first year I can remember since he left that we were able to celebrate with him. It was precious time and that's how I will remember Christmas with him. I'm so glad we had that time.

Mike and the kids will head back up north to visit his parents and their presents are waiting for them but I think today was a hard day for them.


Nancy said...

Sounds like your dad's service was a beautiful tribute to him. Merry Christmas!

Amber said...

So sorry to hear about your dad. I came to your blog for pictures of happy babies and pregnant mamas at Christmas and found the news. I will keep your family in my prayers!