Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Toddler-Free Weekend

My weekends usually look very much like my week days especially if Mike has to work or is gone hunting. However, last weekend, I convinced him to take Amanda along with both boys when he went hunting. He stays at his mom and dad's so Amanda was able to hang out with Grandma while Daddy went out to hunt. While I did spend plenty of time resting and snuggling with the baby, I made good use of my time without my little helper.

The first thing I did was to pull out one of the sewing machines that my neighbor had brought over. They were extra from her quilting club at church. The first one I picked sewed perfectly right away. Yeah!

Then I cut up this super cute wool sweater that I found at the local consignment shop for $10.50. The consignment shop in town is very nice so all the stuff they had was in beautiful condition. They also had a light blue sweater that was a size 2X. I could only imagine how many pairs of recycled wool longies I could make out of that sweater. Too bad is wasn't pink. I might still go back and see if it's still there.
I was able to make three pairs of wool longies out of the sweater I bought. Two were for Christiana and one was for Amanda. The one pair I order online cost me $15 including shipping so I think this was a pretty good deal.

I also moved Amanda's old crib into Christiana's "room." Her room is in our closet. The crib fits with no room to spare. This crib was left over from the local Catholic church's rummage sale when Amanda came home. One of our friends knew about it and let us know. We didn't get hardly any baby stuff before she came home because I thought it would be too hard to have that stuff around just waiting for a baby.
Then I set up Amanda's new crib. Again, our friends at the Catholic church sent us an email that there was a crib available at the church. Somebody had donated it for them to give to some one who needed it. It's so nice and pretty. It almost inspired me to finally paint the girls' room. Almost.
I am very thankful for the productive weekend and for all the generous hand-me-downs we receive.


e&e said...

I do not understand how you turn a sweater into longies. Explain please.


Mike and Katie said...

I added a link for instructions. The pair for Amanda I made out of the sleeves and the pairs for Christiana I made from the front and back. I used the neck for the waist band on one pair.

Nancy said...

You are very creative! Sounds like a productive weekend. Happy Thanksgiving!