Friday, November 27, 2009


I am very thankful to have been able to spending Thanksgiving with my mom and grandmother. In August, we thought Grandma was going home to be with Jesus, Grandpa, Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul, four of her favorite people.
But here she is! Traveling to visit family, learning to walk again, celebrating her 90th birthday and enjoying her grandchildren and great grand children. What a blessing!
Much of her recovery was due to ever vigilant care from my mom and the special visit from her daughter, Sr. Maria. I'm so glad my brought her to visit our house for Thanksgiving. It was a wonderful blessing.


e&e said...

What beautiful photos, Katie! And so precious, all of it. Thanks for blessing US by sharing it. We are thankful for Grammie too!

Davene said...

Hi, Katie!

I discovered your blog through a comment you left on

I just had to tell you that your comment there about appreciating parenting at both ends of the spectrum was so encouraging to me! I only have little ones so far (four sons ages 7 & under), but I was so grateful for your perspective and the positive attributes you shared about being in that situation in life. I'm sure your words will come back to my mind in the future. Thanks!

~ Davene

Amanda said...

SOOOOO sweet!

So I am sure you are wondering why I asked for your address awhile back... the thing was, when I thought I was going to be able to donate you some breast milk I went out and bought the bags you recommended... the 50 pack... but since I wasn't going to use I thought I would send them to you in case you could use them somehow...

then I went and LOST the address you gave me!

So! I am sorry. If you want me to send them to you I sure can...

Sorry to be so annoying!


Anna said...

Excellent post. We were also able to enjoy my grandmother this year who was able to spend to quality time with her great grandsons. Family is a true blessing!