Monday, November 16, 2009

Recycled Wool Longies

Wool diaper covers have always intrigued me but I just wasn't sold on the idea. I was generally happy with my Super Whisper covers. A friend sent me a couple of recycled wool longies, but I just hadn't tried them. That was until Christiana's rash problem. She needed to be in a breathable cover, so I pulled out the longies. The miracle of wool is amazing. I have not used the Super Whisper wraps since.

I secure Christiana's flat fold diapers with a Snappi and then pull on the wool longies. When she wakes up from her nap, I remove the longies and lay them over the heating vent. While Christiana is awake, she is just in a cloth diaper with a Snappi that I change as soon as I notice it's wet. I keep her sitting or lying on a waterproof pad. When I'm holding her, I notice she is wet before I get wet. When she's ready to go back to bed any dampness in the wool is gone and there is no scent. Stinky diapers and covers have always been a huge problem with the Super Whispers.

I would love to have some pairs for Amanda, too. Her waterproof training pants are always stinky, too. I may not like the wool longies for a breastfed baby because of the runny, leaky bowel movements, but I guess I'll find out in a couple of months. It depends if I learn how to wash them without shrinking them and can impress this same knowledge upon my laundry helpers who are just now comprehending the cold pre-rinse/hot wash regime. Once I had a load soaking in cold water and one of them put the sopping wet, dirty diapers into the dryer and turned it on. Gross. "Something is wrong with the washer, Mom. It still has water in it."

Recycled wool longies are so easy and cheap to make if you have the right resources. I often imagine myself going to a big church rummage sale at the end of the day and finding mountains of leftover wool sweaters for really cheap. Even a thrift shop might have wool sweaters for little cost that can quickly and easily be made into cute wool longies with just a little bit of sewing. However, ahem, I never leave the house except to go to church or the doctor's office. It's just not worth the nausea involved, so I'm either going to have to (gasp) buy some wool longies online or have somebody else do the sweater hunting for me. Too bad rummage sale season is pretty much over in our neck of the woods.


Lindsay said...

Hi, I'm really into making recycled wool longies and I have a bunch made for the holiday season. Email me at lukeandlindsay at hotmail dot com if you'd like to see them!

Tasha-Rose said...

You just wait. She isn't walking yet. this plan will never work after that happens. I use prefolds and snappis on my son who is 1 this weekend and woolies. I attempted to let him go without a cover one day....baaaaaad mistake!

I do love a cloth diapered baby bottom. can't wait to meet this little peanut next weekend!