Monday, November 16, 2009

Never leave the house?

Okay, so "Never leave the house" is a bit of an exaggeration. We do try to get out for some fresh air and sunshine when it's nice out.
Where we live, it is customary and smart to put on something orange if you go walking in the woods during deer season. Despite the fact that we were only walking on the road, Amanda wanted to wear the orange hat that she wore on the weekend when Mike took her in the woods.

Amanda is growing up so fast. She can hop and get two both feet off the ground. She likes to jump off of the couch and jump down the stairs while holding on the the railing and some one's hand. She is beginning to try to sing every song she hears and is learning to do her alphabet puzzle. She can almost count to ten. It's not completely understandable but gets the right number and order to her words for the numbers. Today, she counted as she put away the rolls of toilet paper. She can put on her boots and her mittens by herself and one day she walked almost a mile. She enjoys singing in church and follows along with her finger in the book.
She has also begun to try using her signs to get what she wants or avoid correction. For example, if you tell her, "No" or "Eat nicely" she will whine and sign and say, "Potty? Drink? Eat?" We have fallen for it enough times, that it has become a bad habit that we are working on. She will then cry if we don't answer her requests. This has become a real problem at church, so we are doing some home training to get her to sit nicely. We had to do the same thing with Tony when he was two. We would sit in front of the T.V. and hold him while he thrashed and screamed and said, "We are practicing for church." I had worked with Amanda last week, but it didn't translate to success this week. Mike is going to spend time working with her this week and hopefully next Sunday will go more smoothly. This is another challenge we hoped to have worked out by February. Mike and I will have our hands full with the other two babies so we need Amanda be more independently well-behaved and not expect to run out several times during the service. We thanked our congregation in advance for bearing with us and we work through this process.
Okay, enough blogging. I'm avoiding correcting homework. That's definitely my least favorite part about homeschooling at this age.


Laura said...

Those pictures are great! We have been seeing a lot of orange around here too. Amanda is becoming such a big girl. I think she will do great by WILL have your hands full with lots of blessings! :)

Amanda said...

Such adorable pictures... I love the one of her walking towards to sun... so symbolic!!

Have a great Thursday!