Saturday, November 14, 2009

28 weeks

Which means I only (or still) have 12 weeks left!!! It feels like a long time when I sit down to nurse Christiana or go to make her a bottle. I'm anxious to provide her with dairy-free breastmilk. It also feels like a really long time when I consider eating. I'm weary of eating tiny meals so often during the day and dealing with nausea.

It feels like a really short time when I consider that Christiana still wakes up several times a night so we can't put her in Amanda's room yet. She no longer needs to eat at night, so I just change her diaper and put her back to bed. She often has a bowel movement in the middle of the night, so I can't just ignore her crying. We also don't have a second crib yet and we're not sure if we're ready to move Amanda into the single bed in her room. Right now Christiana sleeps in a bassinet in our closet. We would have to clear it out in order to make room for a pack-n-play or crib, so hopefully she starts sleeping better before she outgrows the bassinet.

Thank goodness she doesn't have Mike's genetics. Tyler outgrew the bassinet in a couple weeks. He was nearly two feet long at birth. We didn't even bother with Tony. We probably won't have as much time in the bassinet with this baby. At 19 weeks, this baby's head measured for 19 weeks, but it's femur measured for 20 weeks. I can imagine this little baby will pass up Christiana in height and weight in a very short time.

Until then, I will just get through today and look forward to meeting this little baby in February.


e&e said...

I still can't believe you're pregnant. I'll have to stare at that beautiful picture for a long time to let is sink in some more. At Christmas, I'll be looking at your belly, not your face, ok?

How much did Tyler weigh at birth? Eric wants to know.


Tina Fisher said...

Katie you look wonderful!

With the holidays right around the corner your last 12 weeks will fly by!

I bet your whole pregnancy is flying by!

Karen said...

We used a pack-n-play for Mark until we moved Zach into the bottom of our older son's bunkbed. I think it was something like 7 months...and Zach was nearly 2 when we moved him to the bed.