Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Wanna see the new do?

I love my long hair and I like to keep it long for my hubby, but...

It takes a little time and a lot of aloe vera gel to make it look nice. Usually it is up in a large, heavy bun out of the way of dirty diapers and baby spit. During a season in life when I don't feel very good, having a short, fun cut makes me feel less frumpy when I have to get everyone out of the house and don't have the time or energy to fuss with my hair.

I decided to go big and get enough cut so could donate it. I tried to donate my hair when Tony was two but he got into the pony tail and pulled it all into a terrible mess. Here's the pony tail we cut off. I'm keeping it hidden from Amanda until I can get it mailed off.
So, are you ready to see the cut?
How about a little more?

Okay, now I'm just playing with the camera!

Here's the back.

And finally the front!

I really like it and it feels great. It ended up being a little shorter than I was expecting, but it will grow back soon enough. Especially since I probably won't have much time for hair cuts anytime in the near future.
Today, I had to leave Tony in charge of the girls because Mike couldn't get away from work. As Amanda was throwing a fit when I was leaving he begged me, "Please can't you take her with you?" She was happily watching Sponge Bob by the time I came back so he must have survived. Christiana was still sleeping like I expected.


Michelle said...

Don't leave me hanging!!

Laura said...

Cute! I like it!
I think it's so much fun to get such a drastic cut, but it takes a few days to see it so short! :)

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Very cute! Now it will be much easier.

Kristi said...

i love your hair!! soooo cute!! :)

Nancy said...

Its so cute! I bet you feel like a big weight has been lifted. You have such nice wavy hair!

e&e said...

I liiiiiiiike it! And you are so tempting me to do the same, especially with the argument of always having to have it up anyway, you know, out of the way of dirty diapers and baby spit. Good thinking!

I remember when Tony got into the ponytail because he liked petting your hair. That was hilarious. Here's to hoping this one won't suffer the same fate!

And kudos to Tony on his big brothering!

surfergrandma said...

That's a nice length...the way it waves around you face is very flattering...does Mike approve?...he must!

His Hands His Feet Today said...

Love it!!!!

ali said...


Amanda said...

LOVE IT!!! I was JUST talking to a friend today about doing the same thing!! You are a brave girl. I dont know if I can go through with it!!

Looks great too!!


The Earnshaw's said...

It looks great and short hair is much easier. Mine has been short for some time now, but I am on a mission to get it long again and do the same thing. Glad you like it.