Sunday, October 11, 2009

Gotta Love Minnesota!

Amanda was delighted to wake up and see snow on Saturday morning. She loves her winter clothes and couldn't wait to get outside to play after breakfast. She doesn't know it's only the beginning of October and it really should snow until at least the end of October!


Nancy said...

She's adorable! That is weird to see snow on flowers and fall leaves in the background.

Laura said...

Wow, you guys got a lot of snow up there! I couldn't believe it when I looked out the window on Saturday...we have a ton of trees that are still completely green! I bet Amanda had a blast though! :)

Anonymous said...

Flowers and snow...beautiful brother is here in Dallas visiting...they live in Eden Prairie, Mn. and I've ejoyed the snow up there many times.
God bless you and your family,

Amanda said...

This is really cute... I love the pink against the stark white snow!!

Say... I wanted to send you a card, can you email your address??

I'd appreciate it tonz!