Thursday, September 17, 2009

Our Future

Amanda found these little dollies in a drawer the other day and they have been inseparable ever since. She used to only play with one or the other but this week they doing everything together. She carries them both, puts them in the swing and puts them in the car seat. Little does she know what our future holds! For some reason she calls the doll in purple her "Boo baby." I'm not sure what that means. Perhaps she considers purple to be blue.

Amanda had her first dental visit last week. She did really well. She even let the hygienist polish some of her teeth with the noisy tool. I laid on the table with her and she was so good. We've done some practicing at home where I have her lay on my bed and I brush her teeth and floss them. She was thrilled to get a new tooth brush as a prize, too. I'm glad she had a good experience and hope that continues.


Nancy said...

Too cute! That's amazing... its as if Amanda knows another baby is on the way!

Laura said...

That really IS your future, huh!? :)

That's great Amanda had a good dentist visit! We are going next month for our first time, I hope it goes as well!

Tina Fisher said...

Cute dollies...our 19 mo old is really getting into dollies.

Awesome tip for me! We are going to the dentist next month....I will have to start practing...what a great idea!

Amanda said...

What a great picture... the visualization is great! lol And adorable.

You are such great parents.

God bless!