Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Minnesota Nice

Our garbage man just honked and waited for me to haul out our garbage can, with Christiana in my arms, because we had forgotten to get it out again! How awesome it that? I guess maybe he decided it easier than having to deal with two cans next week. Perhaps he's giving people extra grace because of the short week. Either way, we really need to remember to get it out there in the mornings.


Laura said...

Total MN guys sure do live in an awesome town. First babysitting services at the store, now the garbage man letting you know he was there! Cool! :)

Sunny said...

Thanks for the thoughts on Zofran on my blog! I am actually taking a generic version, I can't remember the name. It knocked me out so much, I really couldn't function. I am going to look up the name of the meds I took when I was pregnant with my son (it was something else) and try that one again. I don't recall feeling like a zombie on that one!

Oh, and your garbage man sounds wonderful! I used to love our service back in St. Louis, but here in Seattle I've been less than pleased. They come OBSCENELY early in the morning (it wakes up the baby) and they are super strict about how much you can leave out. I guess it's that Midwest hospitality.