Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Magic of The Miracle Blanket

We're finally figuring out our newest baby girl. She seems to fit into the colicky-fussy-easily-overstimulated baby category. With that in mind we realize that it may be a few more months before she learns to soothe herself to sleep. Unlike Amanda, who learned to sleep on her own very quickly after six weeks of age, Christiana has been unable to put herself to sleep. Crying, moving around, even being able to turn her head is just too stimulating for her and she can't doze off.

Once we figured this out, we began wrapping her tightly in a Miracle Blanket, holding her firmly so she can't even turn her head and patting her vigorously on the butt. We try do this very soon after she finishes eating so she says calm and doesn't get overtired. If she wakes up part way through her nap, we check her diaper and then soothe her back to sleep in the same manner. We used to feed her if it have been two hours since her last feeding, but we realized what she needed was more sleep and not more food.

So the magic of the Miracle Blanket is in the two flaps that go over the babies arms and tuck behind their back. It makes it almost impossible for them to break their hands free. Christiana is very strong and determined and she has usually busted out of one side of the swaddle before you can get the other side wrapped. If she can get her hands to her mouth, she gets overstimulated and frantic even if she has had plenty to eat. We have two Miracle Blankets. One was loaned to us by my cousin and the other is home-made out of flannel from a friend.

However, this week when both blankets were in the wash, I came up with a way to use the magic of the Miracle Blanket with a regular receiving blanket.
Lay a light flannel blanket diagonally over a rectangular blanket. Fold the top down so there is a flat edge at the baby's head and lay the baby on top.
Tuck one side over the baby's arm and under her back.
Repeat with the other side and flip up the bottom to keep her toes warm. Update : Now that she's bigger, I pull the triangle up between he legs and it makes it more difficult for her to break out of the swaddle.
Then wrap the rectangular blanket around the baby. Viola! You have a calm happy baby that can't move a muscle! If that's what makes your baby calm and happy, of course. Swaddled like this, Christiana falls asleep very quickly. Better sleep during the day has allowed her better sleep at night. For the last week, she's been going to sleep between 7 and 8 pm, wakes for a bottle once during the night and wakes up between 6 or 7 am. That's a great sleep pattern. We'll take it!

This also solves our car seat problem. Christiana would cry constantly in the car because her arms were unsecured but it wasn't safe to swaddle her arms over the car seat straps. However, using the receiving blanket to swaddle her arms at her sides keeps her arms secure and out of the way of the straps. She's been much better in the car since this discovery. Thank goodness!


Karen said...


His Hands His Feet Today said...

She and Baby I have the same issues!

Mandy Jo said...

I LOVE the pics!! She is beautiful! Glad its working:) You need to check my giveaway out for you lil girl:)

momto9 said...

glad u found what works for her! So precious!

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I hope she's feeling better too.

Nancy said...

She's so cute! I miss Noah's swaddling days. Where did they go?

~cody said...

We had a swaddler too...yours is such a smiley, beautiful one! She's adorable!