Monday, September 21, 2009

It's Obvious

About 5 pm, it becomes very obvious whether or not Amanda actually slept during naptime. She begins running around, being silly and climbing the walls.
Or, quite literally, the fridge.

Perhaps, it's time for a backyard jungle gym.
In other news, I am now officially the only person in the house who has not be prescribed antibiotics in the last thirty days. Mike and the boys were diagnosed with strep throat, Amanda with impetigo cause by the strep bacteria, and Christiana has been diagnosed with a unrinary tract infection. We're going to need more probiotics and will somebody please call HAZMAT to come decontaminate my house?


Laura said...

That second picture is GREAT!! I think I have seen that happen around our house once or twice! :)

Hope everyone is feeling better soon and that you stay healthy! :)

momto9 said...

That goofy little cutie pie:)

e&e said...

I knoooooooow the (yucky) feeling. You can come over here to detox if you'd like!

Anonymous said...

Katie, sometime ask Grammie about your mom hanging or pulling on the fridge doors. I remember being told about her pulling on the fridge and it tilted over (but didn't hurt her). Maybe that's why her shoulder gives her trouble these days : ) neena