Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School

Today was the first day of school at our house. Last night we were still making curriculum plans. People have said to me when they learn that I home school, "I could never do that, I'm not that organized." Well, neither are we, but we do it anyway!

It went really well. Everyone was very cooperative including the baby and the toddler. This year, Tyler is taking three classes at the local high school. He's taking art, music theory and biology. There's no significant reason why he's taking biology at school. The electives he wanted were fourth and fifth hours so he needed a filler class at the end of the day. He really enjoyed the day. He knows quite a few people from sports and drivers training, so he's quite comfortable.

Tomorrow maybe I'll get stalker photos as he gets off the bus. We weren't sure if he's ride the bus or just walk over to Mike's work after school.

We also had our second visit with our social worker. We have one more next month before we can finalize.

Christiana went eight hours between feedings last night. She fell asleep at eight and when she woke at ten instead of feeding her again, I tried patting her back to sleep. Sure enough, she went back to sleep and sleep until four! I got up twice to check on her. She is very unpredictable in her sleep patterns so there's a good chance she'll be up every three hours tonight.

I have felt pretty good today with the help of medication. I even ventured out to the health food store and Target with the girls this afternoon. At the health food store, the ladies watched Christiana while Amanda and I shopped. You have to love small stores. At Target, we landed the perfect parking spot. It was right next to the building with a cart nearby. It was pretty tricky though. I don't think I'll do that very often.

Friday is my first OB visit and Christiana's two month visit. We had that quick visit to find out the due date, but other than that I haven't had or taken the time to have the full visit. I haven't even heard the baby's heart beat yet. I feel it moving now though so that's pretty fun. I'll be 19 weeks so we're hoping she'll squeeze the ultrasound in, too. We hope to at least get a peek at the gender! We're dying to find out!


Laura said...

I'm glad the first day of school went well for you guys! And I was kind of laughing at the thought of you hiding behind a tree or something to get a picture of Tyler getting off the bus! :)

The people at the store watch your daughter??? Geez is that awesome or what!? I bet it helped a lot! Going out with two little ones can sometimes be a challenge!

Yay for your appointment on Friday! I hope you can get an ultrasound and that the baby cooperates and you can find out the gender! I get so giddy and excited about this stuff it's crazy! So you better post what you find out! :)

Mike and Katie said...

Ha, ha! I was thinking more like using the zoom lens out my bedroom window since he gets off at the neighbors.

Kristi said...

Sounds like y'all are keeping busy!! I hope you can find out the gender!!

Have a good week!

jodilee0123 said...

The more you go out with the little ones. . . the more you just think it is normal. My poor children have been to all my OB appts, a mole removal appt., dentist appts., grocery shopping and whatever else you can think of. It has not always been pleasant--that is for sure. At least when Jada was not mobile, it was easy to keep her in the car seat. Now that she walks and climbs out of everything--it is a bit more challenging. It definitely would be even more interesting with another little one on the way like you! :0) I am so thankful that I do not have to "get ready" for work and get the kids off to daycare. . . I would be an awful "working" mother! I admit. . . there are many days that I don't even shower or get dressed--just no time! :0) You are awesome!

e&e said...

We're ALL eagerly awaiting baby news! And pics of the babes you already have, all four of them, though I know you're, uh, occupied, to say the least.

That rocks about the small store. I love that. More incentive (not like I needed it) to avoid Wal-Mart!

So you can feel the baby moving?!?!?! If you weren't so sick, I'd have expected a phone call.

So are you going to host a guessing game about the gender on the blog? I'm game!

Oh, and about the homeschool organization...we're right there with you, and it's a great place to be!