Monday, September 14, 2009

Amanda's ACB's

So, she's a little behind Fireese but she's learning! All ridiculous mother's comparisions aside, we really like the video's posted by SmartHandsCA on You Tube. We like the one where they teach us the alphabet and we like the alphabet song. Tony was reading by the time he turned four. Do you think I can get Amanda reading by age three?


Nancy said...

Go Amanda, Go!

Laura said...

She is so CUTE! Love the hands flying all over the girl! :)

Anonymous said...

wow, someday you can teach me. I wish I knew sign language. she sure loves the"z"!

e&e said...

I so loved the signing and the enthusiam for the letter PEEEEE! And ZEEEEEEE! I miss you all so much.

From Joshy and Lella: We think this is funny!


Lynnette said...

I love the l m n o P!!!!