Saturday, September 12, 2009

Amanda at Play

I just love these little animals. Some of them were given to Tyler when he was two. We've added to the collection over the years. They are some of my favorite toys that I will always keep in the house for whatever little kids happen to be around.

Amanda set all these animals up facing out the window. She is learning that they all have different names and signs. The horses, giraffes and zebras are her favorites.

The cows are pretty high on the list, too.
Here she is giving them a ride on her frog pull-toy that she got last year for her birthday. She pulls them around until they fall off and then she reloads them and pulls them some more.


Laura said...

She is beautiful! And that little frog toy looks first I couldn't figure out what was behind his eyes. :)

e&e said...

And hopefully that will keep her occupied for a few months at least, right???