Friday, July 31, 2009

Three Weeks and Two Days

Three weeks and two days. That's how old Amanda was on the day we met her. That's how old she was the day we took her home from the agency wearing this cute little outfit. We had to borrow it from Amanda's foster mom. We had checked into our hotel before coming to the agency and I had left everything for the baby there. I even forgot my camera. The foster family had that covered for us, too! She's wearing a different outfit during the placement photos. That outfit was very special to the foster mom, but she was willing to let us use this one.
I have often felt a little guilty that I didn't return the outfit. We only meant to borrow it. But it turns out, I'm a little attached to it and I was just thrilled to wake up and find Christiana wearing it on her three-week birth day. At three weeks and two days, Christiana weighs 7 lbs 13 oz, measures about 19 1/2 inches, drinks 3-4 oz of donated breast milk every three hours, sometime four at night, no longer poops at every feeding, sleeps well in between feedings and absolutely hates her car seat!

Amanda is quite a bit bigger than she was on that day although she would try to squeeze into that outfit if we let her. She always trying to put on Christiana's clothes.


Book a Day said...

gorgeous photo of your two girls!

Tina Fisher said...

I love the little outfit too! I would also have wanted to keep it! I kept all the "bringing home baby" outfits for each of them. There's just something about it.

She's adorable! They both are!