Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Routine

When Mike replaced my van last fall, he bought me one with those fancy doors that open automatically when you push a button on the remote. At first I thought they were just for silly spoiled people, but I have really come to appreciate not having to wrench open heavy van doors.

It has also come in handy now that I have a toddler and a baby in a carrier. I can push the button and Amanda can climb up into her seat and be out of the way so I can buckle the baby in her spot. This has been the routine after our weekly chiropractic visits.

So, Amanda and I were both dumbfounded when the van door wouldn't open as we walked toward the van. I pushed the "Unlock" button several times and tried again. Then I could see through the window that a door was opening on the other side of the van.

"Oh, I'm pushing the wrong button," I think to myself. I try the other button. "Huh, still not working." Then I realize that two doors are opening and closing on another van through the windows of the van I was standing next to.

"Oh no! My van keys are opening someone else's van!"

"Oh, wait. That is my van."

Alright, who thought it would be funny to confuse the pregnant lady by parking their identically colored van next to mine?


Kelli said...

LOL. That sounds like something I would do. I love my auto doors too, they come in really handy when handling my two kiddies.

Laura said...

That is too funny!! I am still waiting *patiently* for my mini van with automatic doors, they sound wonderful! :)

e&e said...


Eric asked how pregnant you were. I said, apparently 100%.


Lynnette said...

Great story! Very appreciated by someone who has automatic doors on a van that looks nearly identical to so many other vans near us!
I too thought the automatic doors were a frivolous thing until I realized that I can open the van door from in the house, tell all 3 kids when they can head out to the garage, and (if I'm lucky), they're all 3 in their seats waiting to be buckled by the time I have my shoes on and get out there! How did I ever survive when I had to open doors myself!?!

Anonymous said...

I laughed soo hard I started to get teary. neena