Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In a Land Flowing with Milk...

This little girl is a happy camper because thanks to Laura, Dana and Chelsea our freezer is plumb full of breast milk again! Yeah!
Not only that, but Amanda has offered to begin pumping and storing extra milk for us. She began thinking about donating her breast milk back in March. I think that's really cool.
I found Laura, Amanda and Dana by posting on MckMama's Blog Frog community. I found Chelsea through Milk Share. It's great to find other women who are passionate about providing babies with the best milk on the planet!
In other news, I love the sweet beautiful contrast between the palms of Christiana's hands and the rest of her chocolate skin. Mmmm! Delicious!
Life outside the womb has been rough on Christiana's skin. She broke out in a rash on her ears, neck and face and has a pretty good case of cradle cap. Oh, well. It's all in the life a newborn.


Amanda said...

She is beautiful... what a blessing!!


Nancy said...

She is so cute! I love her smile! I wish I would have known about breast milk donations before we adopted Noah but it happened so fast and unexpectantly. We were in the midst of a China adoption of an older child when we found out about Noah. I know now if we do another domestic!

e&e said...

But those big eyes! And that amazing smile! Oh, Katie, she really makes me hate Ohio. I'm so sad to be missing her baby days.

Laura said...

Glad she's loving the milk! :) And yes, those hands are the cutest things ever, how do you ever stop kissing them!?

The Evans Family said...

I have not checked in on your blog in a LONG time! What a little darling she is... brings back memories!


Dionne Sincire said...

hey amanda,
christina is so beautiful. she looks happy indeed.

one thing to note... dermatitis is common among aa babies, and since hair and skin are made from the same material they both need lots of moisture. like cotton can be an "enemy" to hair, so certain soaps are to the skin. we used an eczema soap by gentle naturals for the first few years on my girls and aveno baby lotion. the aveno product has oatmeal in it which has a soothing effect. both products have mild properties so it helped quell the irritation.

Mike and Katie said...

Thanks, Dionne! I haven't been using any soap and have been using the aveeno. At first, I thought the rash was caused because I wasn't washing her frequently enough, but now it seems drier so I've tried using the lotion again and oiling her hair.

Hopefully it clears up soon!