Friday, August 21, 2009

Four Twists

This style has been working well for us. After a bath, I moisturize Amanda's hair and let it be free and curly. Before or after a nap, I put it into four little poofs. After a couple of days, I add moisturizer to the poofs in order to comb out the tangles. Then I put in these twists. To make the twists, I divide the pony tail into two part. I begin twisting both parts in the same direction. Then I twist them together in the opposite direction and secure with a rubber band. They can be left in for several more days and they are quick and easy to take out, comb through and redo when we want her to look nice. The twists are finally long enough that they don't stick straight out of her head like little anntenas!


Laura said...

Super cute! I bet the little anntenas were darling! :)

ali said...

shawn is in my lap saying "oooohh PRETTY!" love her twists.
i love the first pic, the way her arm is, it looks like shes a teenager and snapping pics of herself for facebook LOL SO CUTE!!!