Thursday, August 13, 2009

Amanda's Pony

For Amanda's birthday, we bought her a pony! Aren't we wonderful parents? Every little girls dream! This pony is neat and clean and gets to stay in the house.

She came with some fun accessories like a blow dryer, comb, and hair clips.
She has beautiful long pink hair so when I'm combing Amanda's hair, she can comb her pony's hair instead of trying to comb her own after I've alreay put it into binders.
I loved playing with My Little Ponies when I was a little girl. My cousins had a whole herd at their house and we spent hours brushing their hair. Of course, the real pony was at our house on the farm and we spent lots of hours brushing her hair, too.


Nancy said...

I love my little pony! Happy birthday, Amanda!

ali said...

ken loves MLP too! she has about 6 small ones, not a big one! wow! i LOVE amandas hair like that! too cute :)
i may cut shawns hair when he wakes up- its sooo unruly right now