Thursday, July 9, 2009

Updates from sunny Florida!

Hi all! This is Elisa, cousin to soon-to-be mother-of-four-while-pregnant-with-number-five Katie!


Praises! Katie, Mike, and Amanda all finally got to meet their sweet baby daughter/sister. It seems like everything on the paperwork side of things is going well. Katie says that the baby is tiny, just like her big sister Amanda was, and has a little curl on the top of her head. She also said the baby has dark half-moons on her fingernails. Apparently, Katie did a very thorough new baby inspection! They are hoping to take her home (or rather, just take her out of the hospital--they'll be awaiting interstate paperwork for awhile before they can fly home) tomorrow afternoon. I know we are all dying for photos, but I think the family is pretty tired. Last I heard, they are getting something to eat and may go to bed very early tonight.


Katie just called and said they arrived in Orlando. Soon they will begin their drive to Tampa, about two hours away, to meet their new little baby girl! Hooray!

Katie said the traveling so far is going alright. She sounded so chipper when she shared that no one threw up on the airplane. Yea!

Please continue for thank God for mercies thus far, and pray that He would continue to grace Mike, Katie, and Amanda on their way to meet their newest daughter/sister. And I know Katie would want you to remember the birth mother in your prayers as well.

Thanks and I hope to be updating again soon!

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