Friday, July 31, 2009

There's really a baby in there!

We had an early ultrasound today to determine my due date. I have erratic cycles and was trying to induce lactation so we really had no idea when I got pregnant. The baby looks to be measuring at about 13 weeks which gives us a due date of February 5th. Christiana will be seven months old.

It was really great to see the baby. We couldn't get good pictures and the Dr. didn't have a lot of time. When she sat down to begin the ultrasound and got a call that one of her patients was dilated to 8 cm and expecting to deliver twins. So, she needed to leave.

Incidentally when the nurse warned us the the Dr. was expecting a delivery and she hoped we would get to see her, I was a bit confused. What was she expecting? Medical supplies? New equipment? Why would that affect our visit? Oh, a baby! She's supposed to be doing the delivery! Got it. Pregnancy brain!


Nancy said...

Wow! So you are past the first trimester already. Hope you are feeling great!

e&e said...

I was hoping they would say you are due at Christmas so there would be a chance we'd be around. Oh well.

Kudos to Christiana for being a good eater...and to her mama for being a good feeder!

Sandy said...

Congrats! Had a good chuckle about the delivery. Great story.