Monday, July 20, 2009


Caring for a newborn while dealing with pregnancy nausea is, I imagine, a little like recovering from a C-section, which I've never had. I keep everything within reach (including a snack), I'm not doing any unnecessary housework (the last suitcase was unpacked today), and I try to rest as often as possible. If I'm lucky, I'll be feeling better in six weeks.
Really caring for a newborn in this condition isn't so difficult. It's the toddler who needs a bit more action in her life.
Today as she was helping me unpack she found these gifts for the baby from Mike's mom. She was sure they were made for her.


andrea said...

I'm amazed you got a post up! After all, you're caring for three little ones (and two big ones, who thankfully are quite self-sufficient) who are all needing different things from you!

Forget the housework -- you'll never get these days again!


e&e said...

Are those the newborn covers on Iana? Man she must be tiny!

Give kisses to your girls for me...and big hugs to you!