Monday, July 13, 2009


Yes, Amanda's middle name is also Marie. It is also my middle name. It was a tradition started by Mike's stepdad when Mike's brothers were born. Both boys were given their dad's middle name. Mike liked the tradition but he was thankful he missed out on being given his dad's middle name. Other wise our sons' middle names would be "Eugene" instead of "John."

We are not sure if we will continue the tradition beyond the first two boys and girls. Our next boy's name is a combination our our grandpas and neither one of them was a John.

We will find out the gender of the baby we are expecting in March. Mike prefered to let it be a suprise, but he said we blew right past novelty and just for practical reasons, we need to find out what this baby will be.

Now, whether or not we share this secret with all of you? Well, that's undecided!

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e&e said...


If you plan of keeping THAT a surprise from me, we're going to have to have a "no talking" rule for MONTHS. Please, Katie, don't do that to me!

So why do you have to find out? What practical purposes?