Saturday, July 18, 2009

Home Sweet Home

We are very happy to be home and all together under one roof. We had a great flight home and I had an empty seat next to me. Amanda fell sleep shortly after take-off and slept through most of the flight. We had a great row-mate, a college soccer player, who entertained Amanda for the remainder of the flight.
Christiana slept for most of the flight in the sling. It was very pleasant. The plane was much cooler and more comfortable than the flight from MSP.After we got off the plane Amanda was running ahead and calling for Dave in the jetway. We told her that he was behind us so once we got inside the terminal we waited for Dave to come, too. Amanda was happy to have a little more time with Dave as we walked to the baggage claim and Dave headed to his next flight.

We had a nice visit with our friends who served as our airport taxi and parking service. They had a little baby at home last Sunday so we got to see him and Amanda played with their two-year-old daughter. They are so wonderful and it's been fun to have them be part of both of our adoptions. They have been the first people in MN to see our newest baby.

We survived the ride home and just need to unpack and get organized, but resting has been the priority.


jodilee0123 said...

I'm not sure how you are ever going to get enough rest for the next three years!!!! :0) Congrats again and welcome home! Thanks for all the updates even though I do know you are so exhausted and have a billion things to do!

e&e said...

Thanks for the the photos.

I miss you. Sigh.

Nancy said...

Welcome home!!!!

Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

Welcome Home! Christiana is so beautiful! Congrats! Hope you can get a little rest!

Kristi said...

Glad yall made it home safely!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the reminder; I really needed it. It seems like everything is moving in slow motion right now, so it's hard to believe that I'll someday be saying, "It went by so fast." (: