Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Everyday our babies grow bigger. Everyday we check to see what flights are available. Everyday I eat a peeled apple and cheese with Amanda in the easy chair. Everyday I read "Baby Bop's ABC's" or "The Jolly Barnyard." Everyday we have a plan for who will get Tony to his next baseball game. Everyday my nausea gets better and worse. Everyday we check to see if the baby robins under our deck have hatched. Everyday some one asks us if we've heard any news. Everyday we wonder if today will be the day and every night we say, "Maybe tomorrow."

Please keep praying for the Florida mom. She is very uncomfortable and is as anxious as we are for this baby to deliver.


The Henrys said...

I will keep you in my prayers. Once again, I am amazed by your faith and calm with everything going on around you. You are such a blessing to your family and a wonderful example to all wives and mothers:)

Nicole Marie said...

Ooooh...I can't believe she hasn't delivered! I am horrible with patience, but I am sending all of my patient vibes your way. *Come on out and see the world baby!!!*