Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Christiana Update

Christiana is doing great. We've been working hard to get her to take full feeding every three hours so then she'll sleep for two. She has always been good with the bottle but she was a little slow nursing. She's getting more efficient at nursing so that's good. I only nurse her about three times a day depending on how I feel and if I've felt good enough to clean the nursers.

She does have a time between the hours of 7 pm and 11 pm when she is wide awake and very hard to please. Usually Mike is home and takes over so I can go to bed. She eats quite a bit during that time and then sleeps for about four hours after that.

She's been on donated breastmilk since we left the hospital which is so wonderful. It's time for her six o'clock feeding right now. I hear her stirring.


Lynnette said...

I may have been nursing my kids for several years straight now, but I am uneducated and curious about the nursers you mention. What is it? How does it work?

Book a Day said...

You are SO inspiring!!!! I want you to know that I am either going to adopt our next child and nurse her or donate milk for someone else who is nursing her adoptive child. I HATE pumping too, but I see what an incredible gift it is. Wow. You are SO, SO, SO inspiring!!!

MSO said...

Katie, if you will please send Rene' your snail mail address we have a little something for the girls. Thank you, Mary Sue Owens

Lynnette said...

Thanks for linking to your post about the nurser. You were absolutely correct that I was envisioning something from that DeNiro/Stiller movie, as much as I hate to admit that I watched it.
Looks like you're all doing well. I'm enjoying learning about your family after "meeting" you at MckMama's blog!

Joy Estelle said...

FOUR hours?! She sleeps FOUR HOURS!? I'd be jealous if I didn't know that the pregnancy makes that an extra special gift for you. Seriously, though... that is so barely fair. Vince is still only being charitable and giving me a three hour break once in a while. F O U R! Gah!