Friday, July 17, 2009

Belly Button

Yeah! Christiana lost her belly button last night. I'm very happy because my boys held onto theirs for a really long time. The only problem is that it's missing. Hopefully we find it before Dave does!


Andrea said...

Ha ha!! Reuben's fell off yesterday, too, and same thing -- I had no idea where! With both of my other kids, I think it came off during a diaper change or something, so I knew where it was. This time, luckily Matt found it before too long!!

Debbie Gath said...

We are adoptive parents from western NYS and homestudy ready to adopt again. May I ask what agency you use. We are having a hard time finding situations that can legally work with NY. Thank you and Christiana is beautiful as is Amanda.
Debbie Gath

Mike and Katie said...

Hi Debbie,

We worked with American Adoptions, but I do remember there being some issue with New York. Call and ask they were very helpful and are in need of families willing to adopt AA children.