Sunday, June 14, 2009

'Poo Free

I love finding ways to save money, avoid using manufactured goods and finding things that are more natural, so when I first read this post last fall about using apple cider vinegar and baking soda to wash your hair, I was intrigued. However, I never read the instructional post or remembered to buy apple cider vinegar.

Fast forward to last winter when I'm visiting with a new hair dresser about my annoying flakes the never seemed to go away despite using dandruff shampoo and washing my hair only a couple of times a week. She told me the flakes weren't dandruff and I just needed to exfoliate my scalp with good brushing with a boar's hair brush. She also suggested using baking soda as an abrasive.

I finally decided to give it a try and was impressed with the results. I loved the process and was amazed with how soft my hair felt after squirting on the vinegar water. I still hadn't remembered apple cider vinegar so I just used some white vinegar.

This combination is also great for keeping Amanda's scalp flake-free and I love using an inexpensive natural product on her hair.

Next experiment? The oil cleansing method. I've already stopped my use of soaps and shampoos for Amanda because they are so drying and damaging to her skin. I just scrub her with a wet wash cloth and apply nice smelling oil.

I love simplifying our lives!


Nancy said...

I am no 'poo too! I love it. I started in the fall but stopped around Christmas because my sister gave me a bottle of Kiss My Face organic shampoo. I started up again early spring. I can't believe how smooth the ACV makes my hair, I can run a brush right through it!

Nancy said...

Check out my blog, there are labels for "no 'poo" on the right side.

e&e said...

How did you come across the SortaCrunchy website? I noticed a link there. I find it via my friend Melissa's blog and really enjoy the posts there.

Mike and Katie said...

Ms Boo Radley posted it on a elimination communication discussion on Mckmama's blog frog community.