Wednesday, May 20, 2009


What do you do when your banana's look like this? Oh, sure there's banana bread, but we do something that's faster, dirties less dishes, and is allergy compatible.

The truth is that I rarely measure or follow recipes so these amounts are a best guess. It's up to you to adjust things as needed.


1-2 cup water in the blender
1 crushed ice (the ice needs to be floating above the blades)
4 ripe bananas
1/3 can frozen orange juice

Blend. Pour. Enjoy.

See? So simple.

We've added fresh pineapple and strawberries and experimented with different kinds frozen juice. The smoothies pictured above are banana coconut. We didn't have any orange juice but Tony said he had wanted to make a banana only smoothie. So we added a bit of sugar, a few drops of vanilla and some freeze dried coconut. They were so good!


Jamie said...

When I have bananas like that, I get John to eat them. I like them toward the green side. (: And I don't even have a blender. Excited to hear how the Lord works in the life of a certain little one in Florida.

Michelle said...

I freeze them, and throw them in the blender for smoothies made with yogurt and other frozen berries--sometimes I add flaxseed. Yum!

Keesler Chaos said...

Hi-Hopped over from MckMama's!
I freeze them too. Peel, break into chunks and freeze in a ziplock. You can thaw to make banana bread, or toss in the blender with milk and a bit of vanilla for a yummy treat. We add peanut butter or hot chocolate mix (or sometimes both!) to make it extra yummy!

momto9 said...

I make a variety of this and love it!