Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More of Memorial Day Weekend

Amanda and I had a great weekend visiting my family. Mike and the boys stayed home to catch up on some work at the lumber yard.
My brother has this wonderful field of dandylions which is so beautiful this time of year and a bee haven the rest of the year.
Amanda loved being on the trampoline with her cousins but they were a little rough and I didn't want this to happen to her.
One of Amanda's newest words is "swing!" In the morning she finds her Daddy and begs him to swing her.
She just has gorgeous hair!
Amanda's new word for the weekend was "bike!" My mom is affectionately known as "Biker Grandma." She makes sure all of the cousins have a bike, chaser or buggy to ride. She loves to plan bike adventures and find new trails. Amanda learned quickly that you better perk up and follow Grandma when she says, "Does anybody want to go for a bike ride?"

My mom and Amanda had a great weekend together!


Nancy said...

She does have fabulous hair!

surfergrandma said...

Your Amanda is beautiful...I don't know her, of course, but I'm so thankful that she now has a loving family to grow and learn from.
Loved the dandelions..

Michelle said...

Yeah, Abby broke her arm on the trampoline. She had to have surgery and a pin put in. Quite traumatic....multiple kids on it makes me nervous now.

Amanda looks so happy!

Mrs. D. said...

Love the pics! She is sooo adorable. How nice to have a girls weekend!