Friday, May 29, 2009

I'm in No Hurry...

Update: It was pointed out to me that Amanda's chest clip is too low and should be level with her armpits. It was noted and appreciated although I don't think I had fully tighten the straps before snapping the picture. She has her butt shifted to one side, too, which means the straps weren't even or tight.
I'm in no hurry to move this sweet, happy, funny little girl to a forward-facing postion despite the fact that she will be two in a little more than two months.

She is safe and comfortable and can make silly faces at her brothers on the way to church. When she falls asleep, she doesn't slump forward uncomfortably.

I had thought I would turn her front-facing in a booster-seat once the new baby outgrew his/her bucket seat, but instead I'm just going to buy another convertible car seat like this one. She may even sit rear facing until she's three.


Anonymous said...

Hi! Found your blog through a link from someone else's blog. Your little girl is super cute and I think it's great that you want to keep her rear facing. I just noticed that the clip across her chest is positioned too low. It's supposed to be level with her armpits. Have a great evening!

Mike and Katie said...

Thanks! I'll remember that. It is unusually low in the picture.

:)De said...

I applaud you for your choice to keep her rear facing and in a 5 point harness. We forget that the rules for allowing our babies to face forward after 1 year of age is a suggestion from the manufacturer of car seats... but the fact remains that if ever in an accident, facing backwards for a little person is safest. She is such a cutie and congrats on what sounds like a new baby coming.