Monday, May 11, 2009

Home-Made Tortillas- So EASY!

We're always trying to find ways to eat healthy and cut out processed foods. Everything we can make by hand increases nutrition, reduces waste and saves money(so we can adopt more children, of course!!!) My family really loves tortillas or wraps. They will wrap anything- chicken, roast beef, eggs, taco and beans, spaghetti meat, peanut butter and jelly and cheese.

I finally decided to give them a try this weekend. I searched a few recipes online and found the simplest one. Flour, oil, salt and water. Roll out and fry. They were a bit too crumbly and didn't hold together well with the wheat flour. I wondered if soaking the flour in yogurt overnight would help them be more pliable. It did and they were much better. I made a huge batch and froze some of them but here's a starter recipe for you.

Cultured Whole Wheat Tortillas

1 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup plain yogurt

Mix flour and yogurt together until all the flour is wet and sticky. Refrigerate overnight or leave on the counter for four to six hours.

1 dash of salt
1-2 cups additional flour
1/4 cup olive oil

Knead the olive oil and salt into the flour and yogurt mixture. Then begin adding additional flour until you can form dough balls. A 2-3 inch ball will make a good-sized tortilla. Flour your counter surface and keep flouring the dough, roller and your fingers as you roll your tortilla to the desired thickness. Heat your dry pan or griddle to high.
I was using a small pizza roller and kept getting the centers to thin. A full-sized roller would have been better but I was cramped for space. I used a flat spatula to slide the tortilla onto the griddle.

Tortillas cook very quickly and everything should be moving pretty fast. A helper would be handy. I mean a real helper, not just Amanda! You want to flip the tortilla as soon as you see bubbles. It's less than thirty seconds during which time you are quickly rolling out the next tortillas (and if you're like me, talking on the phone to your cousin and snapping pictures.) Then you flip them back over and cook for about 30 more seconds.
Then you stack them on a paper towel. After I had cooked up the whole batch, I sorted through and took out the ones that were not flexible. I brushed those with olive oil, sprinkled them with salt, cut them into triangles and baked them for a few minutes at 350 degrees to make chips. I put the rest into two gallon-sized Zip-loc bags and put one in the fridge and one in the freezer.
High fiber, high protein, super nutritious and home-made. What more can you ask for?


Kristi said...

those look yummy!! I will have to try making my own rather than going to the store!!

Michelle said...

Yum. Those look good. When I make lefse I keep piling up the hot pieces under a flour sack dish towel and they stay moist. I just let them cool in the pile then package them in plastic--they don't seem to dry out. I wonder if that would work for your tortillas. I'll have to try this!

Jamie said...

Will you be my mom? (:

Mrs. D. said...

These look easy & great! Happy belated Mother's Day to you too!!!

Lynnette said...

I had been wondering lately if you can make your own tortillas easily. Thanks for the recipe. But how much olive oil? You say 1/4 but didn't specify 1/4 what? I'm guessing 1/4 cup but wanted to make sure.

momto9 said...