Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Foody Photos = How I Spent My Afternoon

Apparently it is a blogging faux pas to post recipes and not include pictures of the deliciously inspiring food. My apologies! This is what Amanda and I did this afternoon.
Our milk comes in sealed plastic bags, so I just poke a hole in the bottom and drain a 1/2 gallon for drinking, 2 quarts for yogurt and the rest is about 2 cups worth of cream that goes into the blender to make butter (there is a little bit more than a gallon in each bag). After dividing up the milk, we began to heat the yogurt up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.
This the cream shortly before becoming butter.
The butter has formed after only a few minutes in the blender. It's so magical! Can some one tell me, is the change from cream to butter chemical or physical?
I drained the buttermilk and continued to press the liquid from the butter. You can add cool water to the butter to "wash" it, but I usually just freeze it in these jars and don't mind a little extra liquid. One gallon of milk gives me about 1/2 cup of butter. I will melt the butter in the microwave and use it in my pancakes.
Then I added the remaining buttermilk to this double batch of biscuits.
The biscuits are rolled and cut out with a large glass. Because I use olive oil instead of shortening, these biscuits aren't very sticky. The roll out very nicely. The yogurt is almost to 180 degrees.
For dinner, Mike and the boys had cheese and tuna fish spread on their biscuits. The biscuits are very crumbly because of using whole wheat flour. The yogurt was cooling in the sink. Before taking the boys to youth group, I added the yogurt cultures and put the jars in water in the crock pot.
Four hours since I began incubating the yogurt, the yogurt is sealed and ready to be put in the fridge to cool overnight. The boys arrive home from youth group as I am photographing my yogurt.
You can see how the whey has formed near the top. When I use the freeze-dried yogurt starter, there is only a little bit of whey around the top. The packets are carefully measured for one quart. I am only guessing when I add fresh yogurt. I prefer the watery yogurt for making pancakes and drain the extra liquid into the batter. I also soak rolled oats in the watery yogurt and top with maple syrup and coconut. For mixing with salsa or topping potatoes, I tip the jar on it's side and use the yogurt that is more firm.
Amanda and I also made Peanut Butter Power Balls this afternoon between starting the yogurt and making the butter, but since I haven't posted that recipe yet, I won't tempt you with the photos. Maybe tomorrow!


Nancy said...

You are making me so hungry!

Michelle said...

Oh Katie, you are amazing. I hardly ever do stuff like this anymore. :-( Probably because I have to drive so far for milk! I wish we lived closer, I'd love to come watch you do your 'milk day' duties.

e&e said...

Oh my YUM!!!!


Eileen said...

Great ideas, we buy our milk from a local creamery and I always wondered what to do with the cream on top other than put it in coffee. Question...where did you get your awesome ball jars? I have been on the hunt for canning jars like that :)
In His Grace,