Thursday, April 2, 2009

We Need Help!

For the last three months, since our homestudy was completed by Lutheran Social Services of MN, we have been working to get signed up with American Adoptions. They are a national agency that works with birth parents all over the U.S. We chose them because they had a need for families for willing to adopt children with African American heritage and a program to assist with the costs.

However because the birth mother could be from any number of states, they needed to make sure we have met the requirements of all of those states. Our homestudy only met the requirements of Minnesota. It has taken us three months to gather the additional paperwork and documents.

When we were interviewing agencies, the American Adoptions representative told me that in the Agency Assisted Program we would receive help with our profile at no charge. I thought, "Great! Writing the profile is really hard." No, they told us what specific topics to write about and which specific types of pictures to include and they would do the selection and layout. Many of you know that we've had our profile done since January but we had to start over completely! Very little of what we had done fit into their "box."

One of the requirements was for 8-10 pictures of the couple. We had two, maybe three! I thought our profile was supposed to show what it was like to be a kid in our family. So, I took photos of the kids in our family. We were also required to include pictures of our extended families. After some tears of frustration, we took a few new photos and found some that would work. Of course, it's winter here, so they just aren't as warm, fresh and inviting as I would like them to be.

In the meantime, we recieved an email alert from Adoption Consultants, Inc. that Mike really felt we should respond to. So, we also signed up with them and our profile is being shown in California. The process was easier, but not with out its frustrations and technical difficulties. I love our profile but it uses a ton of ink to print!

Last week, we recieved the proof of our profile from American Adoptions and our social worker suggested that we add a picture of all five of us. I have tried really hard to get a family picture this year. I tried in the fall when the leaves were beautiful. Nobody had time. I tried at Thanksgiving when every one was home. It was too cold, Tyler's hair was too long and he wouldn't smile. So, I gave up and put nice individual photos of everyone in our Christmas letter.

When I woke up on Wednesday morning and saw the beautiful snow weighing down all the branches. I thought I'd give it one more try. Amanda and I went out to do some test shots in a few locations. I knew the morning beauty wouldn't last long because every time to wind blew, snow fell from the branches and they were losing their magic.

I did manage to coerce the family into a rushed picture out on the deck, but it won't go into the profile. I'm going to wait until spring and I'm calling a *professional. Using a tripod and a timer just isn't cutting it.
But hopefully we'll have a new baby by then and we'll have a whole new reason for taking a family picture!

*I use the term '"professional" losely. I don't think I'm ready to pay professional prices. I'm hoping I can find a friend or relative willing to spend some time with us in some fun locations around the neighborhood.


Scott, Joanna, Matthew said...

I'm not a professional by any means but I LOVE taking pictures as you can tell by my blog. Give me a call and I can see what I can do.

Michelle said...

I like that photo of your family. I hope you can find someone to help you out! I am excited for you, Katie.

e&e said...

If you can come to MY house, I would love to help you out! And you don't have to's already spring here. We have flowering trees in our backyard!

jodilee0123 said...

I love your profile the way it is--made from your heart--it is beautiful! I hope that the other one isn't too much different--or at least hopefully you can use your original one at LSS. Yep, the ink issue--ours sucked down the ink too! We had profiles taken every month at LSS and had to make more twice (we finally just made color copies for the mailers--ironically--Jada's birthmom never even saw it until after she was placed with us. (It was read to her over the phone.) Go figure!